Anti Dental Pain Tips: 2 Natural Medicines to Treat Toothache

By on 6:14 PM
Natural Medicines to Treat Toothache
You may often overlook some of the symptoms and signs of early tooth pain until later the pain became more severe.

Toothache will make you feel very uncomfortable and could not rest or sleep well.

There is no other choice, you should immediately visit a dentist.

Here are some of the causes of dental pain, namely:

- Gum problems

- The presence of bacteria in the mouth

- Cavities

- Damage to one tooth

- The teeth are cracked or broken

However, if you can not find the right time to visit the dentist, you can try a natural remedy that can be made at home to reduce your toothache pain.

Here are two natural remedies that you can use to relieve toothache, namely:

1. Applying clove or clove oil around the sore tooth.

Cloves can reduce tooth pain you feel and prevent infection in the tooth.

2. Chewing fresh spinach leaves or guava fruit.

Another natural remedy is chewing fresh spinach leaves or guava fruit. Both of these materials is one of the easiest solutions to relieve toothache.

Spinach leaves contain a lot of iron that could also make a strong teeth and gums and avoid tooth decay.