A little info & How to Use Honey in Recipes - Tips Honey

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A little info & How to Use Honey in Recipes - Tips Honey
Lighter-colored honey feels softer.

While the dark-colored honey is usually stronger it will be.

If you want to measure honey for a recipe, put a little oil on a tissue paper and then use a measuring spoon or cup lining.

Then it will be easier poured honey.

Never give honey to babies under 1 year. Honey can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum.

Immune to the baby is still not completely developed so that it is feared the baby will be infected by the spores.

If ingested, the spores can grow and release toxins that kill.

After the baby is one year old or more, then they develop the body's immune resistant to botulinum spores.

Honey contains more calories, about 18 calories per tablespoon compared to refined sugar.

One gallon of honey weighs about 11 pounds. One pound is equivalent to the 1 cup.

When using honey instead of sugar in a recipe, reduce the liquid (water) 1/4 cup for each use one cup of honey (because honey also contains water).