2 Method of Chinese Black Tea Production Method - Tips Tea

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2 Method of Chinese Black Tea Production Method - Tips Tea
In China, black tea is referred to as 'red tea' because it will produce a copper red color when brewed.

If the Chinese people talk about 'black tea', then they are talking about is 'post-fermented tea' or 'Puerh'.

For black tea, the preparation method and the resulting varieties differ from one country to another.

But the process always involves the basic steps of withering, rolling, oxidation, and burning to stop oxidation. Two different production methods are 'orthodox' and 'CTC'.

Traditional orthodox method is still used in China. This method treats the tea leaves with more respect and caution than the CTC method is automated.

To use the method of orthodox tea, tea leaves aerated with warm air in place and allowed to wilt to reduce moisture content.

After the tea leaves become soft and pliable, then ready for grinding.

This process is done by inserting the tea leaves into a rolling machine that presses and grind the leaves, break down the cells in the leaves and release the natural juices and chemicals to be oxidized by air.

Once rolled, the tea leaves and then spread on a thin layer of cool and moist to oxidize.

The tea leaves begin to secrete a distinctive aroma and flavor, the color becomes darker.

To stop the oxidation, tea dryers included large that also serves to reduce the water content.

Automated method CTC (Cut, Tear and Curl) is a production method that is widely used in the tea industry today.

The reason, by using this method produced tea when brewed faster and produce a more robust flavor and delicious.

CTC process was developed in 1950 when the popular teabag.

At the CTC, tea leaf pieces are so small as to use a knife CTC machine.

While the oxidation and drying stages are very similar to the traditional orthodox method but using automated way.