6 Effective Tips to Get Healthy Hair Length and Thickness

By on 7:45 PM
Tips to Get Healthy Hair Length and Thickness
Production and long hair was thick and healthy is actually very easy if you have the best way to get to know them.

Here are six tips that have been proven to have long hair when you:

First. Routine haircut

Hair cut regularly. At least 2 cm haircut every three months

Hair cut regularly adopted, help hair grow longer and prevent split ends.

Two. Balanced diet consumption

Healthy and balanced diet provides the nutrients through your hair grow healthy and optimally needed. Do not include junk food, soft drinks, and drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine.

Three. Avoid using heating equipment hair

Make sure that you. Use of devices that could cause a fire or violence brown hair and head hair

Avoid using hair curling iron, hair iron straighterners hair and a pocket knife that these tools can damage your hair.

Four. Use moisture hair

Use a gentle lotion or hair conditioner natural moisture. Clean to make your hair after a long day outdoors, the oil and dirt on the hair lost.

Five. Massage the head routine

Massaging the head can trigger an increase in blood flow to the scalp.

Top smooth blood flow to the hair follicles begin to produce hair growth hormones, the hair is longer and thicker.

Six. Sleep Quality

Make sure to get enough sleep and quality, at least eight hours every day to stay healthy and fit, also hair growth.