5 Complications Occurs Frequently in Patients With Diabetes!: Health Tips

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Complications Occurs Frequently in Patients With Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that can lead to complications of the disease compared to most others.

Diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal.

This condition can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, and other internal structures.

High blood sugar levels may lead to thickening of blood vessel walls. This will lead to thickening of blood flow leading to reduced mainly the skin and nerves.

High blood sugar levels can also cause increased fat levels in the blood, thus causing atherosclerosis or the accumulation of fatty plaques in the blood vessels.

People with diabetes have 2-6 times the risk of having atherosclerosis than people who have normal blood sugar levels.

Poor blood circulation can damage various organs. Poor circulation in small blood vessels (micro) can cause damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves and skin, and slow wound healing.

While the poor circulation through the blood vessels of the (macro) can injure the brain, heart, and blood vessels feet (makroangiopati).

Here are 5 of complications that may arise due to diabetes:

1. Kidney Failure

Is one of the complications of diabetes can lead to kidney failure, so patients must undergo regular dialysis.

2. diabetic retinopathy

Damage to the blood vessels of the eye can lead to diabetic retinopathy or impaired vision due to damage to the retina of the eye.

3. diabetic neuropathy

Another complication of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy or the disorder of the nerves. Disorders of the nerve can occur in several forms.

Arm or leg may suddenly become hard driven, if the nerves to malfunction or known as mononeuropathy.

Diabetic polyneuropathy nerve damage that occurs in the arms and legs, among others, characterized by tingling or burning pain as well as hard-driven.

Damage to the nerves causing the patient susceptible to injury because they can not feel the pressure or temperature changes.

4. Amputation risk

Decreased blood flow to the skin can also cause injury stubborn causing ulcers (ulcers).

Severe ulceration and infection can lead to amputation of limbs, the condition is more common in the legs.

5. Heart Attack & Stroke

Finally, complications should also watch out for and can be fatal are heart attack and stroke.