2 Causes of Amputation in Diabetic Patients: Health Tip

By on 11:37 PM
Causes of Amputation in Diabetic Patients
Foot care is very important for people with diabetes. Diabetes can interfere with blood flow to the legs and cause nerve damage.

Without proper attention and care, minor injuries can develop into open sores (ulcers) are difficult to be treated and cured.

Sometimes amputation should be performed if infection is already damaging tissue and bone.

The good news is, with proper diabetes management with foot care, amputation can be prevented.

Diabetes can cause two potential threats that could lead to leg amputation, namely:

1. Nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy)

When tissue is damaged nerves in the feet, the sensation of pain is reduced. That's because, the foot can be injured or cut without people realizing it.

2. Reduce blood flow

Diabetes also can narrow the arteries, thus reducing blood flow to the legs. With less blood to nourish the tissues legs, it becomes difficult to cure wounds.

Small wounds hidden beneath the feet can rapidly develop into severe major injuries.

Wounds and infections that can cause severe already doing leg amputation.