4 Tips to overcome insomnia without drugs

By on 11:47 AM
Insomnia or sleeplessness, upset very clear. Experience insomnia can interfere with daily activities due to factors that do not fit due to lack of sleep.

Here are some tips to overcome insomnia naturally without drug-related.

Tips to Overcome Insomnia Without Drugs

First. Do not drink alcohol a few hours before bedtime.

Limit yourself to consume wine or a cocktail. Although alcohol can make you feel tired, but alcohol can give you a good night's sleep.

Remember, alcohol is not a good way to overcome insomnia, alcohol, it really adds to the problem.

Two. Stay away from caffeine after 14:00 clock noon.

Caffeinated beverages, including soft drinks, ie (soda), energy drinks, coffee and tea.

It takes a few hours, the effect of caffeine from the body lost. Caffeine is still anchored in the body, you will be hard to sleep.

Three. Avoid stressful situations at night.

For most people, this is much easier said than done.

Begin to make lifestyle changes and take the time to plan your day so that reduces potential pressure and the tasks can be completed earlier.

Longer job quicker so you have more peace of mind.

One of the best ways to treat insomnia is to go to bed with a clear and calm mind. Avoid filling your mind with family problems or work.

Four. Go to bed early!

That sounds contradictory, Insomnia someone to spend more time in bed.

Go to 30 minutes earlier than usual to bed and take to read the book, would be good for you.

Up to 30 minutes to read and rest your mind. Never work with the laptop or repair work report.