[TIPS] 6 Benefits of Antacid Tablets for Household Purposes

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[TIPS] 6 Benefits of Antacid Tablets for Household Purposes
[TIPS] 6 Benefits of Antacid Tablets for Household Purposes - House cleaning jobs can sometimes cause indigestion. By taking antacid tablets indigestion due to stomach acid can generally be overcome.

But did you know that was the same antacid tablets can help relieve homework?

Here are some antacid tablet usability for homework help:

1. Making toilets sparkling.

Antacid tablet will save you money, instead of buying a toilet cleaner.

You just need to drop some antacid tablet into the toilet and let it dissolve for about 20 minutes. After that, clean the toilet with a toilet brush and then flush until clean.

2. Getting rid of stubborn stains on favorite vase.

The use of antacid tablet is easy to clean vase. Fill vases to be cleaned with water and dissolve an antacid tablet into it.

Wait a few minutes, wipe the sides and the bottom of the vase, then rinse thoroughly.

3. Making jewelry sparkling long back.

You begin to dull jewelry? No need to rush to buy a new one. By using antacid tablets, dull jewelry you will shine again.

It's easy, fill a bowl or container with water and dissolve two tablets of antacid into it.

Dirty or dull jewelry soak into the water the antacid solution, let stand for 2 minutes. Rinse and wipe to clean.

4. Launched a drainage pipe is clogged.

Drop 3 antacid tablet into a clogged sewer pipe and pour one cup of white vinegar into it.

Let stand for 3 minutes, then flush with hot water. Your sewer pipe will be back smoothly.

5. Relieve pain caused by insect bites or stings.

You can use antacid tablets to relieve the pain of bee stings.

Once stung, immediately fill a glass with water and dissolve 2 tablets antacids. Once dissolved, use a paper towel to compress the shock part.

6. Clean the flask.

You may occasionally fill the thermos with coffee, hot chocolate, or tea and forgot to clean it when finished use. Thermos be difficult to clean because of the narrow.

However, you can clean it by dissolving 4 antacid tablets and leave for one hour. After that, rinse, and you will come back clean flask.