5 Function Testosterone in Men - Tips Hormones

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5 Function Testosterone in Men - Tips Hormones
5 Function Testosterone in Men - Tips Hormones - Testosterone is a hormone that can be found in men and women, although men produce testosterone in much larger quantity.

Testosterone is the most important function is as a reproductive hormone. But testosterone also plays a role in many other body functions.

Here are some of the functions of testosterone in men:

1. Se'ual impulse

Testosterone is the primary androgen in men and is responsible for s'x drive.

2. Physical development

Testosterone is responsible for male physical development, affect muscle and bone growth, development of the penis and testicles, and sperm production.

3. sound

Testosterone is responsible for the deepening of the male voice during puberty. During this transition period, sometimes a male voice to "crack" or inadvertently jump between higher pitch with the lower.

4. energy

Testosterone is one of the many factors that play a role in maintaining energy levels. Sometimes low testosterone levels affect the energy levels decline.

5. mood

Testosterone can also help balance mood man. Low testosterone levels are chronic or excessive testosterone can cause mood swings and emotional instability.