Vitamin A Supplements tips to Easily Absorbed Body

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Vitamin A Supplements tips to Easily Absorbed Body
Vitamin A is needed to maintain healthy skin, prevent night blindness, and protect the body from cancer and other diseases.

In addition, vitamin A also functions in maintaining blood sugar levels stay balanced.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble substance. Vitamin A is most commonly found in two forms of preformed vitamin A (or retinol) and beta-carotene.

If you take supplements of vitamin A, the following tips so that vitamin A can be absorbed into the body by either:

1. Drinking vitamin A supplementation with fatty foods to help absorption. This is because vitamin A needs fat to be absorbed by the body

2. Take supplements of vitamin A and E together. Vitamin E is necessary for vitamin A can be metabolized properly.

3. If you take zinc supplements, you should take a vitamin supplement along with zinc supplements. Zinc can also help the metabolism of vitamin A.

4. If you smoke, you need more vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant and can protect the body and fight the damage caused by free radicals from cigarette.

5. Avoid using laxatives because mineral oil can destroy vitamin A in the body.

6. Do not use the type of antacid drugs. The reason is because antacids hinder the absorption of vitamin A.

7. Check if there are drugs that you take can inhibit the absorption of vitamin A or not.

Some drugs can inhibit the absorption of vitamin A, such as colchicine, a drug used for gout, and some drugs to treat diseases caused by cholesterol.

8. Reduce alcohol consumption. In addition to a negative effect on overall health, alcohol will also interfere with the absorption of vitamin A.

9. Consider using beta carotene. Beta carotene is contained in foods that are yellow-orange, such as sweet potato and pumpkin.

Beta carotene is a precursor of vitamin A are toxic and would not even if consumed in large quantities.

10. Recommended to take beta carotene complex than single carotenoids.

11. Drinking mineral supplements separately, as it can inhibit the absorption of carotenoids.

12. Use version micellized vitamin A if you are sick and need extra antioxidant protection.

Micellized means the vitamin has been through a special process which makes it soluble in water, so it is more quickly absorbed by the body.