Saving Ways to Keep Ginger Fresh & Longer

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Saving Ways to Keep Ginger Fresh & Longer
Ginger has many uses spices begin to cook up nutritious treat various types of diseases.

Many dishes, especially from Asian countries that use ginger as the main ingredient.

Sometimes you do not spend a supply of ginger in one time, so the rest of the ginger that is not used should be stored.

Here is how to store ginger for durability and freshness is maintained.

1. When purchasing, choose fresh ginger and smooth skin, without wrinkles, and free of mold.

2. Cut the ginger is dried or damaged using knives.

3. Using a vegetable peeler or knife, peel the ginger until it is clean.

4. Ginger cut into pieces about the size of a thumb. The ideal size of a generally used for a variety of recipes.

5. Wash the ginger pieces, then allow it to dry.

6. Put the ginger pieces into plastic bags. Ensure as far as possible to remove the air from inside the bag.

7. Enter the ginger into the freezer and take necessary when you need it.

8. Storage in this way will make ginger preserved and not lose it for months.