Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Allergy Aspirin - Anti Allergy Tips

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Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Allergy Aspirin - Anti Allergy Tips
Aspirin was introduced in 1899 and has now become a popular pain reliever.

Aspirin, also known as acetyl salicylic acid, is used to reduce fever, relieve pain, and can also prevent heart attacks.

Aspirin, although it has many uses, can cause adverse reactions in some people.

While many people refer to this phenomenon as an allergic reaction, most doctors refer to it as "aspirin sensitivity."

Here are the signs and symptoms of aspirin allergy:

1. Itching

One of the common symptoms of aspirin allergy is itching. Itching is accompanied by red skin and swelling that appears immediately or a few days after taking aspirin.

2. Swelling of the lips or eyes

Other symptoms of aspirin allergy is swelling of the lips or eyes. Swelling may occur several hours after taking aspirin or a few days later.

3. Coughing and wheezing

Some people may experience extreme cough due to a reaction to aspirin. Cough accompanied by wheezing. Both of these symptoms can get worse if not treated.

4. shortness of breath

Shortness of breath may occur due to swollen glands in the throat. When the glottis, which is located at the back of the throat to swell, making breathing will be difficult.

5. rash

Mild rash may appear on the skin due to an allergic reaction to aspirin. This rash can spread throughout the body skin.