Beauty Tips: 7 Steps to Make Rose Water Toner

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Beauty Tips: 7 Steps to Make Rose Water Toner
Rose oil and rose water to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Although you can buy skin care products in stores that contain rose water, rose water as toner, these products can be very costly or may contain harsh ingredients that can actually eliminate the effectiveness of rose water.

Therefore, you can make your own rose water toner at home using basic ingredients of fresh rose petals and witch hazel.

Here are tips to make rose water toner at home:

Materials and tools needed:

- 2 cups of rose petals

- 3 cups of water

- pot

- filter

- bowls

- Essential oils of roses

- 1 cup of witch hazel

- Glass bottles

How to make rose water toner:

1. Once washed, put two cups of fresh rose petals with three cups of water to the pan.

2. Boil until the mixture boil rose petals with water, then reduce the heat and continue to boil for an hour.

3. After one hour, strain into a bowl of rose water.

4. Let the rose water until completely cool.

5. Once cool, add five drops of rose essential oil into the water rose.

6. Also pour one cup of witch hazel into the rose water, stirring until evenly distributed.

7. Keep rose water toner that you have created into a glass bottle and is ready for use.