Beautiful Pregnant Tips - 3 Benefits of Jojoba Oil During Pregnancy

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Beautiful Pregnant Tips - 3 Benefits of Jojoba Oil During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, many parts and body condition changes, including skin color and elasticity.

Pregnancy lines (stretch marks) on the stomach is one of the most common problems.

To prevent this, you can use jojoba oil to maintain skin elasticity and moisture during pregnancy.

In addition to good skin, massage using jojoba oil will also soothe and pamper your body.

Here are some of the benefits of jojoba oil for pregnant women:

1. Reducing lines of pregnancy (stretch marks)

Chemical structure and the similarities with the oil (sebum) produced skin, jojoba oil makes a very effective moisturizer.

If used regularly, you can prevent the appearance of lines on the pregnancy belly and disguise the existing lines.

For best results, apply jojoba oil immediately after a shower or expectant fathers can also pamper your baby with a soothing gentle massage on the stomach.

To perform a more luxurious massage, add a few teaspoons of peanut oil Kuikui into fourth cup jojoba oil, stir well, and do massage gently into the skin all over the body.

2. Facial treatments during pregnancy

If you are prone to acne during pregnancy, jojoba oil is a moisturizer that can help solve the problem.

Experts believe that jojoba oil to help trick the body, due to the similarity with sebum jojoba oil, so that the body considers sufficient to produce oil, which in turn will reduce the production of sebum.

Therefore, when using jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer, then the body will reduce sebum secretion, thus helping to face free of acne.

3. Hair care during pregnancy

Hair condition during pregnancy can also be unpredictable. If the hair becomes dry, try to warm jojoba oil and apply on hair before showering.

However, if your hair tends to be oily during pregnancy, do not use conditioner after shampooing but use a few drops of jojoba oil to massage your hair while still wet.