Various Types of Physical Changes During Menopause - Healthy Menopause

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Healthy Menopause
Menopause is a stage of life that must be passed by the women as part of the aging process.

Many of the changes that may be experienced by both physical and psychological associated with menopause due to hormonal changes.

The following will be reviewed about 12 physical changes that may occur in women during menopause:

1. flatulence

Abdominal bloating caused by gas and fluid retention. Bloating is a very common symptom of menopause occur.

This condition can also be caused by hormone replacement therapy or hormone replacement therapy. Women are usually accustomed to experiencing abdominal bloating before their periods.

For some conditions, bloating can be exacerbated by poor diet, dehydration, and stress.

2. Weight Loss Increases

Most women gain weight in different amounts between one another.

It is therefore important to manage weight through diet and exercise before other medical conditions occur, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease.

3. fatigue

Fatigue can be caused by excess weight or because of menopause itself. Fatigue, muscle aches, and fatigue after eating is a condition that is also associated with hormonal fluctuations.

Symptoms of menopause can cause stress on the body, so it is important to keep a regular sleep schedule.

4. Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Fatigue can be caused by insomnia or other sleep disorders. While the insomnia itself could be caused by the symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats, nervousness, anxiety, and depression.

5. dizziness

Dizziness may occur after a person sits too long and then stood fast.

These symptoms can also be a sign of low blood pressure, blood sugar fluctuations, and hypoglycemia, all of which are part of the symptoms of menopause.

6. Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat can occur before or during menopause. Palpitations or rapid heart beat caused by a decline in hormones that affect the cardiovascular system.

7. Hair Loss

Hair loss does not only occur in men due to increasing age, but also occurs in women during menopause.

8. Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence or bladder control problems can occur during menopause.

The problems vary from just a little urine to leak when you laugh or sneeze, urine comes out to a lot of unknown cause.

9. allergy

During menopause, allergies can occur, ranging from the appearance of bluish marks or worse.

Level of sensitivity to multiple allergens women significantly increased until after menopause.

10. Brittle nails

One of the common signs of menopause are brittle nails.

11. Changes Leather Smell

Changes in skin odor could be caused by the growth of skin bacteria during menopause.

12. osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the most damaging effects of menopause. Weak bones become more at risk for having a small fracture (small bone fractures).

Some women may suffer broken bones and did not realize it. Other signs are pain, loss of teeth, bent posture, and bone pain.

One of the causes of osteoporosis is a limited amount of calcium in the body.