Symptoms & Signs Vata Dosha imbalance: Ayurveda Tips

By on 4:26 PM
Symptoms & Signs Vata Dosha imbalance
There are a number of signs and symptoms that can be seen if a person is experiencing dosha imbalance.

Some of them are people that could turn out to be very angry or depressed.

Here are the symptoms and signs of Vata dosha imbalance:

- Worried
- Tired, can not relax, lelelahan, less stamina

- Nervous, could not concentrate
- Anxiety, fear

- Restless mind
- Not impatient, restless, or hyperactive

- Not a controlled
- Destructive self

- Shy, insecure, anxious
- Unable to make decisions

- Weight loss, skinny
- Insomnia; woke up in the night and could not get back to sleep

- Pain, sharp pain, arthritis, joints become stiff and sore
- Very sensitive to cold

- Biting nails
- Rough and scaly skin, chapped lips

- Fainting
- Heart palpitations

- Constipation, bloating, frequent burping, hiccups
- Dry and sore throat, dry eyes

In summary, if a person is suffering from one or more of the above symptoms, it means that the person is suffering Vata.

Therefore, it is advised to follow the recommended dietary guidelines for re-balancing the Vata dosha.

Vata is balanced to increase mental alertness and creative energy, strong immune system, enthusiasm, emotional balance, and body systems are functioning regularly.