Snoring Really Can Trigger Diabetes?: Dangers of Snoring

By on 3:24 PM
Snoring Really Can Trigger Diabetes
According to a recent study, someone who snores during sleep, have trouble sleeping, or feeling tired in the morning may have a higher risk of having a condition associated with diabetes and heart disease.

In the journal Sleep, a researcher states that a person who often snore loudly have a two times greater risk of having metabolic syndrome than those who never snored.

People who have trouble sleeping metabolic syndrome have an increased risk of about 80%, and those who say they do not sleep in the next morning to make fresh risk of metabolic syndrome has approximately 70%.

Previous research has stated that there is a relationship between sleep duration and sleep apnea with a certain risk of metabolic syndrome.

"The problem was not just something that is annoying but it is also a great potential that interfere with health," said Wendy Troxel, an assistant professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and one of the researchers involved in the study.

Complaint was not just a matter of concern, but also could be a sign of significant health problems.

This study followed 812 people over a period of three years, none of whom had metabolic syndrome when the study began.

Research subjects received annual health check and report sleep disturbances through questionnaires.

The researchers evaluated 290 samples of patients who have sleep apnea and found that those who did not have sleep apnea much greater risk for metabolic disease.

Troxel suspect that the vibration due to snoring can damage the layer of cells lining the inside of blood vessels and lead to inflammation.