How to Take Care of Hair: 5 Causes of hair damage is rarely known

By on 8:52 PM
Causes of hair damage
Hair damage is a common problem that is often experienced by men and women. Not infrequently, despite treat hair properly, we are still experiencing hair breakage as hair loss, branching, and fragile. Well, here are some of the causes of hair damage is rarely known. Let's look together!

1. water quality

When you use water mixed with certain chemicals to wash your hair, it can cause dryness of the hair. As a result, hair looks dull and brittle.

2. friction

Any type of friction can make the hair so damaged. So when you sleep, try to tie up her hair. It can prevent hair from friction on the pillow and matted.

3. Lack of iron and zinc

Sometimes, nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss. If your daily diet lacking essential nutrients such as zinc and iron, your hair will suffer brittle and easy branching.

4. Pulling hair too tight

Do you often pull hair too tight? Stretching hair too often can damage the elasticity. You need to try hair styles relaxed and not too tight.

5. Exposure to sunlight

If your hair is often exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will make the hair so damaged proteins. Exposure to sunlight also causes dryness in hair. As a result, you have dry and damaged hair.

These are five possible causes of hair damage is rarely known. Keep your hair healthy by always keeping the hair!