How to Care Gestational Diabetes: Health Tips

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How to Care Gestational Diabetes
Gestational diabetes can be bad for the mother and baby, so that care and treatment should be done as soon as possible.

Treatment of gestational diabetes is intended to keep the blood glucose levels remain normal pregnant women.

Treatment for gestational diabetes includes dietary adjustments and physical activity (exercise).

Pregnant women with gestational diabetes should also regularly check their blood sugar levels.

So that all programs can run smoothly, required cooperation with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals.

Risk of cesarean delivery because the baby is large due to gestational diabetes can be lowered when making treatment and care of properly.

Discipline with gestational diabetes treatment program will ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth. Babies will avoid health problems that may arise in the future.

After gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes usually goes away after childbirth. But a mother who had suffered from gestational diabetes, approximately 67% have an opportunity to experience the same thing in the next pregnancy.

Difficult to distinguish whether a mother has gestational diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy began. That's because, diabetes treatment should be continued and evaluated after the birth.

Many women who have gestational diabetes later type 2 diabetes a few years later.

There is a relationship between gestational diabetes with a tendency to type 2 diabetes later in life. Gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes both involve insulin resistance.

Lifestyle changes (eating, exercise) can help prevent pregnant women develop diabetes after gestational diabetes.

Lose weight

Are you overweight 20% of ideal body weight? Losing weight is a few pounds can help a person avoid diabetes type 2.

So is the food. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, limiting fat intake to 30% or less of daily calories, and review the daily portion sizes can help prevent diabetes.

Habit of eating a healthy and balanced diet can prevent diabetes and other health problems.


Regular exercise allows the body to use glucose without extra insulin. Exercise can help combat insulin resistance. Consult with your doctor to choose the appropriate type of exercise.

Do not worry too much

One important thing, pregnant women with gestational diabetes do not have to worry too much. Running the program with the supervision of physician discipline will reduce all risk adverse.

Too worried it will jeopardize the health of mothers and babies in the womb.