How Early Detection of Pneumonia - Know the Signs of Pneumonia

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How Early Detection of Pneumonia
Pneumonia can be difficult to diagnose by a doctor.

Symptoms of this disease are similar to the flu that begins with fever, cough, and chest pain.

Pneumonia will be more severe in people who have a weak immune system or a chronic illness.

The same thing will also be felt by people who are elderly or infants who are at greater risk of TB.

Various types of pneumonia bacteria become resistant to antibiotic treatment, because it immediately visit a doctor if you see signs of pneumonia.

Some signs and symptoms to watch out for are as follows:

1. Beware cough with yellow or greenish sputum which may be accompanied also the presence of blood. Persistent cough with chest x-rays should be examined to determine the exact cause.

2. Pay attention if you experience chest pain as a punctured with rapid and shallow breathing. This type of pain usually occurs when the outside of the pleura are already infected.

3. Beware of fever, followed by excessive sweating, headache, and extreme fatigue. There are more than forty types of pneumonia are mostly preceded with high fever accompanied by chest pain.

4. Watch for signs of skin discoloration that accompany the cough and chest pain. Purple or bluish color of the skin showed that the blood does not receive enough oxygen.

5. Note the severe symptoms of pneumonia. There are many types of pneumonia that can be life threatening if left untreated.

The signs include increased body temperature, pulse over 124 beats per minute in a resting state and a drop in blood pressure leading to fainting.