Health Tip: Understanding Zen Shiatsu, Shiatsu A Type & Style

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Zen Shiatsu, Shiatsu A Type & Style
The type and style of Shiatsu

Many early Shiatsu practitioners who develop their own styles and types.

Two of them are Tokojiro Namikoshi and Shizuto Masunaga.

They established a school that helped develop one of Shiatsu as therapy. Currently, there are many different styles of Shiatsu growing.

Some of them concentrate on acupressure or acupuncture. This style is more emphasis on therapy along energy pathways to influence Qi flowing in it.

While the other style better highlight the diagnostic systems, such as the system of "Five Elements" or macro-biotic approach. All styles are based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Zen Shiatsu

Masunaga Shiatsu include experience in his study of Western psychology and Chinese medicine. He also enhance existing diagnosis methods.

After developing the system, Masunaga then set up specific exercises known as "Makko Ho", to stimulate the flow of Ki.

Additionally Masunaga also developed a set of guiding principles to create a more effective shiatsu techniques.

Masunaga system called as "Zen Shiatsu" is rooted in the spiritual practice of Zen Buddhist monks in Japan.