Characteristics of People with Pitta type: Ayurveda Tips

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Characteristics of People with Pitta type
Here are some common characteristics of people who have a body with a predominance of Pitta type:

- Physical size medium, strong, has a good body shape

- It has a sharpness of mind, have a good concentration of power

- Orderly, focused

- Assertive, confident, have good entrepreneurial spirit

- Aggressive, demanding, pushy, these properties come out when there is an imbalance

- Competitive, likes a challenge

- Passionate and romantic, have the power and s*xual stamina more than people with Vata type, but less when compared with those of Kapha type

- Digestion strong, strong appetite; feel annoyed if they have to miss or wait for mealtime

- Glad to be under the command of

- When under stress, people will be upset and angry Pitta

- Easily sunburned skin

- Hair usually fine and straight, tend to blonde or red, typically turns gray early, have a tendency to baldness or thinning hair

- Not comfortable in the sun or hot weather, the heat makes them very tired

- Sweating a lot

- Stubborn, pushy, opinionated

- Public good speaker, also speaks sharp, sarcastic, cutting speech

- Generally have the management and leadership skills are good, but could be authoritarian

- Like to spend money, like to decorate themselves with beautiful objects

- Love rampage (tantrums), impatient, and angry

- Physical problems that often occur are rash or inflammation on the skin, acne, boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn, sour stomach, hot sensations in the stomach or intestines, insomnia, bloodshot eyes or burning eyes and other vision problems, anemia, jaundice .
Physical Appearance

Pitta type people have medium height and slender. Their breasts are not flat as Vata people and they show excellence veins and muscle tendons are.

Bones not prominent as the Vata people. Has a moderate form of muscle.

Pitta skin people usually copper-colored, yellowish, reddish or neutral. Have leather is soft, warm, and just a little wrinkled.

Hair thin, smooth, red or brownish colored and tend to fall off easily and more rapidly graying. Eye color may be gray, green, or copper-brown and sharp: the eyeballs slightly protruding.

Have soft nails. Shape of the nose and the sharp edges tend to redness.

Physiologically, Pitta people have a strong metabolism, good digestion and has a strong appetite.

Pitta type people typically consume food and beverages in large numbers. Pitta type people have a natural desire to taste sweet, bitter, and a cool drink.

Their sleep duration is quite moderate and not easily distracted. They produce urine and feces are yellowish, liquid, soft, and more. Have a tendency to sweat excessively.

High body temperature slightly, hands and feet tend to be warm. Pitta people can not tolerate sunlight, heat or hard work well.

Psychologically, Pitta people quickly understand something, they are very intelligent and sharp, and tends to be a good orator. They have emotional tendencies such as hatred, anger, and jealousy.

People from Pitta types are ambitious people who generally want to be a leader.

Pitta people tend to appreciate the wealth of material and financially able. They generally like to show off wealth and luxurious possessions.