Benefits of Artificial Pancreas In Pregnant Women with Diabetes

By on 5:48 PM
Benefits of Artificial Pancreas
Artificial pancreas for the first time can be used to maintain normal blood glucose levels in a small group of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes.

This result is expected to reduce the baby's birth with abnormalities, it can even reduce infant mortality rates.

Artificial pancreas research was led by Dr. Helen Murphy of Cambridge University, England.

Murphy and colleagues evaluated the performance of the artificial pancreas used in ten pregnant women with type 1 diabetes and found the artificial pancreas is able to maintain a patient's blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Research also shows the artificial pancreas successfully prevent nocturnal hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose at night) at the beginning and also at the end of pregnancy.

The researchers claim this is the first study that used artificial pancreas in pregnant women.

The artificial pancreas has two parts, namely a blood glucose monitor and insulin pump, a device that is already used separately by many patients with type 1 diabetes.

Previous research involving children who suffer from type 1 diabetes showed that the artificial pancreas successfully controls blood glucose levels.

Babies born to mothers who have diabetes have a five times greater risk of dying at birth, three times more likely to die a few months after birth, and two times more likely to have the disorder than babies born to mothers who did not have diabetes.

Low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia) in pregnancy is also a major cause of death in pregnant women.

Murphy said that the women who suffer from type 1 diabetes, diabetes management became difficult to do during pregnancy due to physiological and hormonal changes.

Dr.. Iain Frame, director of research at Diabetes UK, said that the study was "fantastic example" of how technologies such as insulin pumps and blood glucose monitor can help more patients with diabetes.