Alternative Health Tips: 7 Myths and Facts about Reiki

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Myths and Facts about Reiki
myth 1

Some people say that Reiki was rediscovered by Mikao Usui. Reiki is not found again, but it was recently discovered by Mikao Usui.

Mikao Usui has healing abilities by using symbols that he called Reiki.

fact 1

Find Reiki Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. Usui acquire this ability after fasting and solitude on Mount Kurama in Japan.

On day 21 he was getting Reiki. In his writings, Usui Sensei said "Usui Reiki Therapy" is something that was not there before and do not have equivalent compared with other treatments in the world.

myth 2

Many consider Reiki has its origins in various countries such as Tibet, China, or India. In fact, the original Reiki originated from Japan.

Reiki requires the use of written symbols Usui. When the therapist Reiki healing someone, sometimes he had to make a special symbol.

But this symbol should only be used by the patient, not for other patients.

fact 2

Reiki is a Japanese healing art and symbols of Reiki originated from Japan.

myth 3

Many people claim that Reiki symbols are only used to help concentrate. After the therapist can focus, with the symbol itself can be discarded.

Reiki symbols are an integral part of the healing process. Without symbols, healing just will channel passive energy without the ability to treat a specific condition of the patient.

If you have been practicing Reiki for a long time and can vary the frequency of the energy intuitively without using Reiki symbols, then you can work without the use of symbols.

However, most therapists require Reiki symbols to ensure that they are able to channel the energy of the patient precisely as needed.

fact 3

Reiki symbols have a certain frequency which allows the therapist to channel energy at the right frequency for treating certain diseases.

Shape and color of the symbols used to define the frequency and amplitude therapists specifically was then used to heal.

It has been scientifically proven that the various parts of the body to operate at a certain frequency, so it makes sense that when we have to use the healing energy frequencies are right to fight certain diseases.

myth 4

Some people say that you can show the symbol Reiki to anyone and will not harm.

As previously mentioned symbols representing certain energy types. Symbol can not be used to all the people in vain.

fact 4

Reiki symbols have a sacred geometry and should be respected and should not be shown to everyone except've learned Reiki levels 1 and 2.

Each symbol will evoke a certain energy. A person who is not trained in Reiki can endanger themselves and others for messing with Reiki symbols.

In honor of the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui and to protect yourself and others you can not show the symbols of Reiki to any person, unless they are a trained Reiki practitioner.

myth 5

Some Reiki healers and teachers say that Reiki only facilitate the body to heal itself.

Energy healing is like intelligent robots that can flow to parts of the body itself. They also said that Reiki was no danger.

In fact, Reiki healer should appropriately direct the healing energy to the body that need. This will increase the effectiveness and speed healing.

fact 5

Reiki uses dynamic frequency energy to cure the disease directly.

The most effective way to use Reiki is accompanied by a focus and visualization aided by Reiki symbols.

If a patient presents with cancer, then it needs to be treated kenker first time. Priority should be given to the biggest problem.

myth 6

Common that Reiki healers say they only act as a supplier of energy. Reiki energy is also said to have no contraindications.

In fact, the healer can still steer the energy and maximize its potential. That is, the healer not only serves as a supplier but also have an active role.

fact 6

Reiki is actually a contraindication, just like other types of therapy. The role of the healer is to make sure patients get the greatest benefit and minimize side effects.

Healers should know the medical history of the patient and what treatment they were living.

Do not let the Reiki therapy actually has an effect contrary to the medical treatment of patients who are being taken.

myth 7

Some Reiki teachers menenentukan fixed interval between level 1 and level 2 Reiki courses.

Rigid division is not necessary. Reiki level one teaches you to use Reiki is used for healing yourself.

Reiki Teachers should explain to students that the Reiki Level 1 focuses on the purely spiritual healing are Reiki Level 2 allows healing on a much more complex level.

fact 7

You can go up to the next level once you are fully prepared. There is no fixed time on this. Each person will have different speeds.

Most people learn Reiki quickly while others take more time. Training and discipline is the key accelerated learning.