9 Tips to Prevent Diabetic Coma: Health Tips

By on 5:37 PM
Prevent Diabetic Coma
Implement and control the diabetes management routine can prevent diabetic coma.

Here are 9 tips that can be used as a guide to prevent diabetic coma:

1. Follow a healthy eating plan

Consistently eat can help control blood sugar levels. Encouraged to eat small meals but more often.

2. Keep an eye on blood sugar levels

By doing a blood test to know whether blood sugar levels are still within normal range or is dangerous.

Test blood sugar levels, especially after exercise, because physical activity can cause blood sugar levels down.

3. Take medication as prescribed

Follow the recommended dose and take the medicine according to prescription. Provide updated information to your doctor will be the development of diabetes.

4. Getting ready before falling ill

Disease can increase blood sugar unexpectedly. Before the illness, it is recommended to consult with your doctor about the best way to manage the increase in blood sugar.

5. Check for ketones when blood sugar high

Check the urine to check for ketones when blood sugar levels more than 240 mg / dL (13 mmol / L). If it found a large amount of ketones in the urine, contact your doctor for advice.

6. Provide glucagon and food sources of sugar

If you take insulin therapy, glucagon and make sure you have food source of sugar, such as glucose tablets or orange juice. This is needed when blood sugar levels are low.

7. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol can make blood sugar levels are not stable. Be sure to reduce the consumption of alcohol, or while eating a snack if you still have to drink it.

8. Educate the people closest

Teach the people closest (family, work friends) about diabetic coma. Tell them how to seek help when you pass out.

9. Wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace.

ID that contains information about your health condition can provide valuable information to the people closest or health personnel during emergency situations.