7 Popular Myths and Facts about Hair - Beautiful Hair Tips

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Beautiful Hair Tips
We hear a lot of different information about hair.

Such information is allowed to sleep with wet hair, whether food can affect hair health, as well as other things.

Not all the information is correct, but that does not mean there is absolutely no point.

The following will be presented myths and facts that we often hear about the hair.

1. Conditioner can repair split ends.

No matter how many ads claiming conditioner can repair split ends, but they are not.

Cuticle conditioner so that it can repair split ends will be reduced. But the end of the hair that has branched out will still be there.

Cut your hair regularly (every 4-6 weeks) to help prevent a forked end.

The only way to get rid of hair tip branching is to cut it. So this is a myth

2. Do not sleep with wet hair - or fungus will grow.

MYTH. You can sleep with wet hair without worrying fungus grows on the scalp.

Scalp will not be moldy if you are diligent care and always keep the scalp clean.

3. Hair will grow thick with combed 100 times a day.

Think about it: how to comb your hair 100 times a day can grow hair?

Combing hair excessively can actually damage the cuticle, especially if using a comb that is not right. Needless to say, this is a myth.

4. Sharing combs will spread the disease.

FACT. Everyone must have their own comb. A number of parasites, such as fleas, can live on the brush or comb hair, and can be easily transmitted from one head to another.

5. More then shampoo hair will be cleaner.

MYTH. No matter how much shampoo you use, as long hair was able to reach all the results will be the same.

Do not bother to shampoo, just use moderation.

6. Food can cause hair loss.

FACT. What you eat has an effect on the quality and health of hair. A balanced diet plus a multivitamin supplement will make hair grow healthier.

7. Wearing tight hairdo can cause baldness.

Tight hairdo (hair make tense or interested) can cause what is called "alopecia".

This condition occurs when a person continues to use tight hair styling hair without letting the rest. Apolecia may trigger baldness, so this statement 100% FACT.