7 Changes in Emotional / Mental on Menopause - Health Tips

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7 Changes in Emotional / Mental on Menopause - Health Tips
Here are signs of change in emotional / mental probably occurs in menopausal women:

1. Mood changes (Mood Swings)

Mood changes common in women going through menopause.

One time a person may feel happy, but the next minute he could have a sudden feeling of despair.

Depression, irritability, anxiety, and lack of patience is a common emotional conditions in postmenopausal women.

2. loss of Pleasure

Some women begin to lose pleasure when doing his favorite activity or it could be more frustrated at work. Often this starts the cycle of anger and depression.

Stress can also trigger anxiety and irritability. Little things could have sparked outrage so add to the misery.

3. Anxiety or Panic emergence Sense

Mild anxiety or panic attacks can occur in postmenopausal women. Worry, tension is constant, rapid heartbeat, and unwarranted fear are some of the signs of anxiety.

Anxiety disorder does not occur in all women. Anxiety can take anywhere from several hours to several months.

4. Panic disorder (Panic Disorder)

Most women begin to show signs of panic disorder (panic disorder). Panic disorder causes intense fear, sweating, rapid heartbeat, crying, sad and deep juice.

5. depression

Depression is a condition in which the appearance of unhappiness and despair are constant.

Depression is more likely to arise if a woman has had a previous history of depression.

6. difficult Concentration

Difficulty concentrating is another sign of low estrogen levels, thus affecting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Often forgotten, the inability to complete the work, and can not think properly are the symptoms associated with estrogen problems.

7. Interruption / deviation Memory (Memory lapses)

Interruption or long-term memory lapses good (long term memory) as well as short-term memory (short term memory) can occur due to hormonal imbalances.