5 Tips for healthy skin and a younger - Beauty Tips

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5 Tips for healthy skin and a younger
Does your skin make you look older than their actual age?

Or want to be healthy and youthful skin?

Here are five simple tips to keep your skin healthy and youthful:

First. Avoid excessive sun exposure

In addition to causing skin cancer, the sun can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, freckles, dark spots and dry skin especially on the face.

In case of exposure to the sun from 10.00 bis 14.00 clock to avoid, because at the time the intensity is very high, and the sun can damage the skin.

Two. Quit smoking!

Smoking will make your skin clear suffer and become dull. Smoking reduces blood flow due to narrowing of the small blood vessels in the skin.

It is your skin is lack of oxygen and vitamin important for healthy skin. Additionally, collagen and elastin fibers that keep the skin strong and flexible will keep damaged by smoke.

Three. Be Good for Skin

Exposure to sunlight or hot baths can remove essential oils to moisturize the skin.

Therefore, you should reduce the water temperature for bathing. Avoid heavily scented soap with a soft soap scent.

Always use shaving cream while shaving. Use a sharp razor blade as well as a blunt razor blades would injure the skin.

Four. healthy Diet

A healthy diet will nourish your skin to stay healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy skin and shiny.

Five. Reduce Stress

Stress can adversely affect the health of the body, including the skin. Stress can cause acne wrinkles on the face.

It is therefore important to reduce or even avoid situations that can cause stress.