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5 Tips for Choosing & Using Lip Care Products
Many people think that just chapped lips can occur during cold weather, but this actually wrong.

Lips can become dry and cracked without depending on season and weather.

If you live in the 4 seasons, chapped lips can at any time. Included in the spring, autumn and summer, let alone winter.

Lip care products is the best way to maintain healthy lips.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing and using lip care products, namely:

1. When choosing lip care products, choose products that do not contain petrochemicals, alcohol, and glycerin.

These materials can affect the lip skin softness. Choose products that contain hyaluronic acid and the best lip care products are products that are made from natural ingredients.

2. Avoid using lipstick during the winter because it will drastically damage the skin pores lips.

If you can not resist the use of lipstick, use a lip balm also to prevent chapped lips.

3. Be sure to moisturize lips with lip care products every day. You can use a lip balm at all times, especially at night.

Always carry lip balm when you are traveling as a lip balm can serve as sun block for lips.

Usually lip balm made ​​from different materials, such as natural oils, vitamins, salicylic acid, and alum.

4. There are also several natural alternatives to lip care products that can help take care of the lips. For example, you can use natural ingredients made ​​from honey mixed with semolina.

Apply and gently massage your lips with the mixture every week. Massaging the lips with a soft toothbrush can also make the skin become soft lips.

5. To create a more attractive and sensual lips, use a lip gloss. In addition to being able to make the color bright and shiny lips, lip gloss quality usually contain essential oils and oils that can soften lips.

Besides being able to maximize performance, lip gloss can also help you combat dry lips and chapped.