10 Ways to Manage Fear After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

By on 3:25 PM
10 Ways to Manage Fear After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Here are 10 tips for managing fear that emerged after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer:

1. Begin gathering information to make a decision later.

Recognize also the people who become health team and do a personal meeting with them.

Patients will know who among those who can help with any information needed good when they want to know.

2. Look for a doctor who can communicate in a convenient way, which invites patients to discuss, and take seriously the concerns of patients.

3. Look for all matters relating to the examination, procedure, or treatment of breast cancer in order to minimize any unwanted surprises.

4. Make a plan with your doctor about how to appropriately conduct further investigation. If possible, try to schedule the examination are important in the early weeks.

The aim is that the patient does not have to wait for a long weekend when laboratory personnel and physicians can not communicate with each other.

5. Look for mammography screening center where it can provide the results of radiological examination before the patient goes home, so patients do not need to wait for a letter or telephone call from the doctor the results.

6. When will a mammogram or chemotherapy, avoid planning to do things that make a stressful or tiring.

Activities or things that can make patients recapitalize financial stress such as monthly, cook dinner for a lot of people, or do a big meeting at the office.

Use the support system such as family, friends, movies, yoga, or praying for help to get through the week with a good suspenseful.

7. If someone tries to tell about the others who are fighting with cancer, stop him and tell him, "I just listened to the story a happy ending!"

8. If the patient reaches a point where the more difficult to control emotions so that even the difficulties in taking care of yourself, immediately talk to your doctor about medications that can reduce anxiety, depression, or trouble sleeping.

9. Come with a group where people who have breast cancer or join the online discussion group.

It is intended that the patient have a place to share experiences openly about breast cancer with people who know and understand the patient's condition.

10. Do the other ways that life is more positive.

Look for productive activities, enhance the experience of life, accept yourself for what it is, and spend time with people who accept and appreciate what their breast cancer patients.