Long Hair Tips: 7 Tips for Long Hair Fast

By on 11:01 AM
Every woman has idealized the perfect look for their own.

For example, some women dream of long, beautiful hair.

For many women, it is possible, but the process is not always easy.

Long hair can not happen in just one night, and requires consistent effort.

Here are tips so long to increase faster hair growth

First. Haircut.

Before you can improve your hair growth, you need to get rid of damaged hair by cutting your hair.

Two. The intake of food supplements that can help hair growth.

Eat some plugins that can help hair growth, including B vitamins, especially B6 and amino acids.

Three. Cut your hair on a regular basis.

Normally bangs and can easily be branched. These conditions will not help your hair growth.

Trim your hair regularly every 3-4 months, cut the end of your hair at least 1 cm.

Four. Avoid things that can cause hair damage.

Hair care chemicals and heating equipment such as rollers and flat irons can, so Slacb your efforts to extend damage the hair the hair.

Five. Avoid swimming pools.

The pools contain chlorine, which can damage the hair and inhibits perumbuhan your hair. In addition, natural salt or sea water can also damage the hair.

Six. Consume a lot of protein.

You can eat to improve your hair growth much protein-rich foods such as green beans, peanuts, seeds, and soy.

Seven. Treat your hair with a soft cloth.

Comb hair gently and carefully, and avoid tying your hair too tight.